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Drake Drops $2.85 Million On The Hidden Hills House Next Door By Megan Johnson | Sep 09, 2016 3:53PM It’s safe to say that this sprawling compound is the “best he’s ever had.” If there were ever a reason to “call you on your cellphone,” this would have been it. Hip-hop star Drake (real name: Aubrey Graham) pulled a fast one on all of us last summer and dropped $2.85 million on the beautiful estate next door to his already expansive Hidden Hills, CA, real estate compound. Drake purchased

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Drake Buys His Neighbor’s $3 Million USD House in Response to Noise ComplaintsFulfilling his promises.By Staff · Sep 12, 2016 in Music ·   42 Comments21.1KSharesHaving fielded noise complaints since moving into his $7.7 million USD estate in 2012, Drake has fulfilled his promise to “buy the neighbors house if they complain about the noise,” as stated in his verse on Future’s “Where Ya At.” While Aubrey allegedly purchased the house back in June of last year, news of the power move has just surfaced. The rapper has put his money where his mouth is by dropping $2.85 million USD on the neighboring Hidden Hills estate. Built in 1955, the 4,445-square-foot ranch-style property houses four bedrooms and five bathrooms, making for an accommodating complement to his 7,444-square-foot home. With an open floor plan and high ceilings, the California compound also boasts multiple fireplaces, a secluded backyard with a swimming pool, and a 800-square-foot guesthouse. Peruse the images above for a closer look at Drake’s latest acquisition. Photography by David Jackson of

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3 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Entering a New Listing – TREND

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According to the National Association of REALTOR’s® 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers¹, 42% of homebuyers began their search for a home online. It’s important to make a great first impression and show these buyers the best your listing offers. Start by avoiding these 3 marketing mistakes.

Mistake #1: Poor Quality Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure you say all the right words with your listing photos. Low or poor quality photos could turn potential buyers away.

Here are some tips for highlighting the property with your listing photos:

Visit the property at different times of day to get the best possible lighting for each room.

Take photos of unique aspects of the home, like fixtures or even the roof. For more unique photo ideas, click here.

Take photos from various angles to help buyer’s better visualize the space

Bonus Mistake: Not updating the listing photos when the seasons change. Nothing says the listing has been on the market for a while then a snowy listing photo in the middle of summer. Learn how to replace listing photos here.

Mistake #2: Basic Listing Details in the Remarks Section

You’ve entered all of the details about the house: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage. Maybe you don’t know what else to say about property. The Public Remarks are automatically sent to your website, your broker’s website and; so make the most of the added space to highlight more than just the basic details of the property.

Here are some pieces of information you can add to the Public Remarks:

Upgrades and Name-Brand Appliances: If the property has undergone a recent renovation or high-end or energy efficient appliances are included in the sale, let buyer’s know.

Unique Features: Does the property have an over-sized walk-in closet? Maybe the view from the kitchen is simply stunning? Mention these items to pique a buyer’s interest.

Neighborhood information: Is the listing a short walk from a wonderful park? Is it close to the weekly farmer’s market? Add some of these details about the neighborhood to help potential buyer’s visualize what life is like on 123 Main St.

Mistake #3: Not Checking to Make Sure the Listing is Properly Mapped.

Most listings entered into TREND are correctly placed on the map, but there are times when new construction or other properties cannot be mapped or are placed in the wrong location.

Without the proper location, your listing may not be returned in listing searches where radius or map search was used. Luckily it’s easier than ever to check and even fix your listing’s location in the MLS. Learn how.

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3 Benefits of Professional Photography

3 Benefits of Professional Photography

Author: K. Sams Date: August 10, 2012

Professional Photography

Technology has made it easy for small business owners to shoot their own pictures, but these businesses invested in professional photographers and reaped big rewards. In the age of digital photography and desktop publishing, it’s easier than ever for small business owners to create their own marketing materials, websites and photography.

But that doesn’t mean doing it yourself is always best for your business. Read on to see what a professional photographer can bring to your business.

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In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More – Developments – WSJ

In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More

Attention desperate home sellers. Don’t want to lower the price on your house? Consider better photos. Real-estate listings that use photographs taken by the higher-end SLR cameras favored by photographers and photography enthusiasts, tend to do better than those that use photos from cheaper point-and-shoot cameras, according to a new analysis done by Redfin Corp., a Seattle-based brokerage.

Not surprisingly, listings with better photos command higher asking prices: If you believe your home is worth the investment of good photography, you’ll probably ask more money for it. The surprising part is that the tactic works. At the closing table, listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076–as measured by the difference between asking and final price–over listings using photos from point-and-click cameras.

SLR or single-lens-reflex cameras give users more control over what they capture and tend to produce high-quality images. They cost more than point-and-shoot cameras, but considering the data may be worth the investment for a home seller. Even better, ask your broker to bring in a professional photographer.

Redfin only looked at listings in Boston and Long Island, where there was enough metadata incorporated into photos to do a complete analysis.

The data also showed that listings with nicer photos get more online attention. And yet, for all this, only 15% of listings incorporate higher-end photography. This is even true at the high-end. Redfin found that more than half of $1 million-plus listings were shot with low-end cameras.

One exception: The low end of the market. Listings priced below $300,000 were less likely to sell with nicer photos, possibly reflecting unrealistic expectations on the sellers behalf. At the low-end, price cuts would seem to be more important than photography.

via In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More – Developments – WSJ.


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33 myths of the professional photographer | Digital Camera World

The professional photographer is often associated with a glamorous lifestyle and lots of money. However, sadly this stereotype is not the reality. Professional female portrait photographer Kelly Weech debunks 33 of the most common myths of the professional photographer and reveals what life is really like for those who get paid to take pictures.

via 33 myths of the professional photographer | Digital Camera World.

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Photographic Skills

So, you have finally decided that you want to sell your home. Obviously, now you will have to market and advertise your home. How should you go about doing this? Through online marketing of course.

The National Association of Realtors, 2013 survey of Home Buyers estimated that nearly 90% of potential homebuyers begin searching for a home online. Yes, that does mean you have to put your house up on the MLS, and when you do so, you will have to upload pictures as well. Fail to do this, and only limited buyers will show an interest. Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you the same.

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Look Sharp: Professional Listing Photos Sell For More Money – Research Center | Redfin

From Instagram to Pinterest to Snapchat, digital photos have become their own mode of online and mobile communication. With 92 percent of home buyers using the Internet as part of their home search, listing photos are a critical factor in the selling price of your home, how quickly it sells, and whether it sells at all.

via Look Sharp: Professional Listing Photos Sell For More Money – Research Center | Redfin.

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